Clarissa On

  • My name is Clarissa On and I am half Singaporean, half Malaysian and I was studying in an International School in Malaysia before I came to Stowe.
  • I joined West House in the Lower Sixth in September 2019 and the reason I chose to join Stowe was because of my first impression of the breath-taking landscape gardens and facilities.
  • It is my first time boarding at School and honestly, I was terrified. I missed my parents and being at home (especially not sticking to a fixed schedule) but had to find a routine during my first few weeks at Stowe. My Houseparents were extremely welcoming and so were my peers, not only the Lower Sixth but Upper Sixth too.
  • It is quite fair to say that I have made progress during my time at Stowe – I picked up rowing as an activity and am currently in the Stowe Sculling Squad. Additionally, I continued my dance lessons here and was due to do a performance for this year’s (2020) Speech day. Lastly, I started the activity of visiting the elderly and I am extremely enjoying the time spent with them. My subjects are economics, maths, history and an EPQ and I am really enjoying the courses.
  • I extremely enjoy the atmosphere of the boarding house due to it feeling like a large family. Honestly, on some days I struggle with homesickness (especially with the time difference that makes it difficult to contact home) but a call with my parents remind me that I may miss them but life in Stowe is extremely fulfilling.
  • Overall, boarding at Stowe School has been very exhausting (due to so many things going on all the time!) but it has been extremely exciting and fun.

Maximilian Stevens

  • I am a New Zealand citizen and spent the first 14 years of my life in New Zealand. I came to the UK in August 2018 to join Stowe as my Father believed the education available was better.
  • I spent two weeks in the United Kingdom before coming to Stowe to prepare for Boarding school. The first term was really hard. I had extreme homesickness and didn’t have a big group of friends, most of which were not in the same House. In the end, I even spoke to my Houseparent and contemplated leaving Stowe.
  • However, there was a light in the darkness, I put my mind into my work and joined many activities. These activities were Chess and Climbing. I already had a passion for Chess, but I developed a new one for climbing. At these activities I had something to take my mind of home and I made lots of friends.
  • The Summer Term was when I had a large group of friends. Now we hang out together all the time, most of them are other internationals and we all found out we all had the same problems in the first year. Life at Stowe now is great, I have great friends and I am very involved in after school extracurricular activities.
  • I am glad I stayed at Stowe as I also believe it added character to my personality. Also, always take advice from the upper years it works; they’ve been through what you will and know how to deal with it. Many Seniors helped me overcome my homesickness (even the Head Boy) and their advice worked. This is a good way to describe it, endure the Michaelmas Term, find your feet in the Lent Term, enjoy the Summer Term.