Who's Who in Temple

Brian Hart

Assistant Houseparent
Thomas Webster

Under Houseparent
James Bonomi

Emily Maclure

Brian Hart, Houseparent

I became Houseparent of Temple in 2017. I am married to Kate, who teaches locally, and we have two children, Max and Isabella.

I came to Stowe in 2010 as a Teacher of Physics and Chemistry. Now I just teach Physics and enjoy conveying my experiences as an electronics engineer who worked with bomb disposal robots to my pupils.

Previously I worked in Chandos as a resident Tutor before becoming Assistant Houseparent.

I would call myself a reasonable sporting all-rounder but with a particular passion for rugby. Alongside my love of teaching Physics to eager and enquiring young minds, I very much enjoy helping out with the coaching of rugby and golf.

Having sung in Coventry Cathedral Choir for over 25 years, I might be entitled to call myself a musician, but lately my musical focus has been entirely on getting the House to sing in tune, ahead of the House Singing Competition. 

Ethos of the House

It is a special privilege to lay claim to some of the finest rooms going and the boys certainly love the unexpected geography of this unique Boarding House. If you are seeking character (and feeling fit) you should consider a look around. The boys will also tell you happily that we are the closest to the dining room!

Just as every room is slightly different, we also pride ourselves on the rich variety of skills and interests displayed by the inhabitants; in both dimensions the total impression is greater than the sum of the parts.

The boys you meet from Temple will be engaging, warm, positive and motivated by a simple desire to get the very best out of every opportunity presented to them here. They are also wonderfully supportive of each other, which is probably my proudest reflection on the House.

Kindness is underrated.

History of the House

Temple opened as a Boarding House with the original ‘99’ in 1923. The original Stoics and Templars can still be seen in the photos on Top Mains. We are one of the two original Houses with Bruce as ‘House 1’ and Temple as ‘House 2’ (hence why all Templars have School numbers beginning with the number 2). Once the Temple Room was our House room, which is one of the historic reasons for ensuring that our Christmas supper is taken there. In fact, we still use that room daily for Junior prep after supper.

We lived cheek by jowl with Bruce until the opening of the new Bruce ‘outhouse’ in 1984, from which time Temple colonised most of the accommodation in the west side of the mansion.

Head of House

"The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Temple is made possible by our house staff who go above and beyond to look after us. I hope that this year I will be able to lead the Prefect team in helping settle new boys in and enjoy their time here. The Third Form is a great year to get involved in all the extracurricular activities the School has on offer, allowing boys to make new friends whilst learning new skills. The first year is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself in to the Stowe community, as boys are beginning their studies. Quite simply, boys make friends that will last a lifetime in Temple."

Did You Know...

  • We have LED-strip lights along various corridors and in the Common Room that can be set to any colour!
  • We celebrate the boys’ 18th birthdays with Champagne on the roof.
  • Christopher Robin Milne (of Winnie the Pooh fame) was in Temple.