Welcome to Temple, in the heart of Stowe’s historic mansion building. 

It is a special privilege to lay claim to some of the finest rooms going and the boys certainly love the unexpected geography of this unique boarding house. If you are seeking character (and feeling fit) you should consider a look around; one study room on Top Main even houses the original clock mechanism.

Just as every room is slightly different, we also pride ourselves on the rich variety of skills and interests displayed by the inhabitants; in both dimensions the total impression is greater than the sum of the parts.

The boys you meet from Temple will be engaging, warm, positive and motivated by a simple desire to get the very best out of every opportunity presented to them here. They are also wonderfully supportive of each other, which is probably my proudest reflection on the House. That being said, the boys will tell you happily that we are the closest to the food!

Ethan Collins

(Fourth Form)

"Temple is its own community. Each individual works together to create a unique bond and that bond is what makes Temple the best House to be a part of."

What you probably didn't know about Temple...

Anthony first visited Temple House at the age of 4 when a close family friend, Tony Sparshott, was the Housemaster. He remembers trying to climb all the way to the top of the spiral stairs on his own!

Seven boys in the House have fathers or grandfathers who were previously in Temple and two current brothers are the first Stoics whose great-grandfather was here.

We have LED-strip lights along various corridors and in the Common Room that can be set to any colour!

We celebrate the boys’ 18th birthdays with Champagne on the roof.

Christopher Robin Milne (of Winnie the Pooh fame) was in Temple.

The Tutor of duty will cover roughly 2.5km going round the House a couple of times in an evening.

It’s not a requirement for Temple Housemasters to be called Anthony, but it helps... three of the last six have been.

Anthony Macpherson

Anthony became Housemaster of Temple in 2011. He is married to Caroline, a GP in Bicester, and they have two young daughters, Fenella and Delphi.

Anthony came to Stowe from Oakham where he was an Assistant Housemaster and Head of IB Theory of Knowledge. Having recently completed an MA in Pastoral and Educational Studies Anthony is now pursuing a professional doctorate, exploring the contribution of Chapel to the life of a boarding community.

Anthony would call himself a reasonable sporting all-rounder but with a particular passion for swimming, especially in open water competitions. Alongside his love of teaching Religion and Philosophy to eager and enquiring young minds Anthony very much enjoys helping out with the coaching of rugby, swimming and cricket. Having grade awards to his name for piano, singing, saxophone and tuba he might be entitled to call himself a musician, but lately Anthony’s musical focus has been entirely on getting the house to sing ‘It’s Raining Men’ in tune, ahead of this year’s House Singing competition. 

Who's Who in Temple

Anthony Macpherson

Julia Greenwood

Assistant Housemaster
Christopher Warde

Under Housemaster
Ali Last

Andrew Wilson and Howard Hoare