Who's Who in Bruce

Philip Arnold

Assistant Houseparent
Andrew Arnold

Under Houseparent
Stuart Logier

Joelene Beardon

Phil Arnold, Houseparent

The boys in Bruce are enormously proud and loyal to the House. We enjoy a very warm, supportive and friendly environment where the boys of all ages feel happy, valued and included. Integration between the year groups is an important aspect of life in Bruce and the geography of the purpose-built, stand alone building helps this feeling of unity.

The ‘Family’ system we run, where two boys from each year group combine to form a linear family of 10, also helps the sense that we are all in this journey together and that we are there for each other.

Brucites are competitive and we thoroughly enjoy participating in the broad range of activities that make up the Inter-House scene, whether it is debating, House singing, maths, quizzes or sport. We have a proud history of success and we will endeavour to maintain this by always giving of our very best. The easiest way to make a success of life in Bruce is to approach the challenges of academic, extra-curricular and community life with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.

The very strong pastoral team in Bruce help the boys through the five year journey from Third Formers to confident and resourceful young men who have the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to society once they leave Stowe.

To find out more about us, please do come and visit; the staff and the boys would all be delighted to meet you and explain why Bruce is special

Head of House

"I will look back at my time in Bruce House and Stowe with happiness and pride. Boarding School is so much more than grades and getting in to the right Universities. It prepares us for life."