Who's Who in Cobham

Richard Corthine

Assistant Houseparent
Imogen Adkins

Under Houseparent
Kamaran Fathulla

Richard Corthine, Houseparent

Our culture as a House is one where we appreciate, affirm and celebrate the diverse range of interests that exist here, from academia to sport, drama and music. I firmly believe that if the boys are in an environment where they feel secure, happy and appreciated, then they will flourish in all the rich and varied areas of school life that Stowe has to offer.

Ethos of the House

While our values are unashamedly traditional in placing emphasis on courtesy, respect for others and the importance of hard work and effort in whatever we do, I am equally keen to instil in the boys the importance of being innovative, trying new things, and perseverance if success doesn’t come at once – as Thomas Edison said, ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’. 

If there is a typical Cobhamite, then I would describe him as friendly, well-mannered, considered, easy-going (but not lax, I hope), and someone with a sense of fun who doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

I look forward to welcoming you to Cobham in the near future.

History of the House

Despite residing in the newest building, opened in 2018, (thus having the luxury of ensuite showers in every room), we are one of the founding 1923 houses, so have a rich history. Our most famous Old Cobhamite is Richard Branson who certainly lived up to the House motto ‘Quo non ascendam?’ (‘To what heights may I not ascend?’).

The House is named after Viscount Cobham, who rebuilt Stowe. The longest serving Housemaster was D I Brown (1945 – 1962).

Head of House

"Cobham is an extraordinary boarding house that fosters a great sense of belonging and unity. It is a nurturing environment and we learn dedication, teamwork and perserverence. We are encouraged to step outside comfort zones, embrace challenges and unleash our full potential."