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From their first day at Stowe as young boys to when they leave us as young men, Cobhamites are encouraged to see the House as a place where they can be themselves and indulge their numerous talents and skills, whatever they may be. 

The culture of a house, a school, or indeed any institution is not something that just happens, nor is it something we should take for granted.  In Cobham, I hope every pupil has a clear sense of a House where we work together as a team to support each both within year groups, and through the House as a whole. 
Our culture as a House is one where we appreciate, affirm and celebrate the diverse range of interests that exist here, from academia to sport, drama and music.  I firmly believe that if the boys are in an environment where they feel secure, happy and appreciated, then they will flourish in all the rich and varied areas of school life that Stowe has to offer.

While our values are unashamedly traditional in placing emphasis on courtesy, respect for others and the importance of hard work and effort in whatever we do, I am equally keen to instil in the boys the importance of being innovative, trying new things, and perseverance if success doesn’t come at once – as Thomas Edison said, ‘I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’. 

If there is a typical Cobhamite, then I would describe him as friendly, well-mannered, considered, easy-going (but not lax, I hope), and someone with a sense of fun who doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

I look forward to welcoming you to Cobham in the near future.

Cobham Who's Who

Richard Corthine

Jo Dalrymple

Assistant Housemaster
Matthew C Teasdale

Under Housemaster
Dr Charles Adkins

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Cobham Opening

On Sunday 28 October 2018, boys, parents, staff and guests gathered in the common room of ‘New’ Cobham to celebrate the opening of the purpose-built boys boarding house. Guests and parents were treated to music from the boys and witnessed the first ever ‘Stance’ in the new building, with boys filling in to be ticked off by Isaac David, the Head of House. The accommodation replaces the previous Cobham that was split over four separate buildings, with the first two years sleeping in rather large, antiquated dorms.

The new house sees the Third Form in rooms of Four, the Fourths and Fifths in ‘doubles’ and the Sixth Form all in single rooms, with each room in the House being ensuite. The architecture of the House has been greatly admired, with the utilitarian front aspect hiding a much more interesting and thought-provoking design at the back, which looks over newly-laid lawns – a significant improvement on the old Cobham courtyard. The boys have now all settled in well, and the rest of the school has started to see the new building as an integral part of the ever-improving Stowe site. Some people have now even started to call it Cobham rather than ‘New Cobham’ – a sure sign of its acceptance!

Richard Corthine

Life before Stowe

Very brief stint in the City before teaching. Most recently 12 years at Harrow.

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

The fact that the subject is neither an Art nor a Science, but a blend of both. This means that rigour can be brought in to solve complex discussions, but that there is still room for arguments and opinions.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

It feels to have a genuinely supportive atmosphere and pays more than just lip service to the idea of treating pupils as individuals.

What is your favourite Lesson?

Game Theory.

What do others say about you?

Passionate, dedicated and terrible at golf!

Other hats

Golf (!), CCF.


Appalling DIY, child rearing, the science of teaching.

Cobham Facts​

  • The House is named after Viscount Cobham, who rebuilt Stowe.
  • Cobham has had 12 Housemasters.
  • The longest serving Housemaster was D I Brown (1945 – 1962).
  • The Cobham House motto is ‘Quo non ascendam?’ (‘To what heights may I not ascend?’).

David Issac, Head of House

Upon my arrival to Stowe in 2014 I was excited about my first boarding experience but was clueless about what to really expect. Fortunately, I was placed in Cobham, although at the time I didn’t realise how lucky that was and how much I would gain by being here. From the moment I arrived Cobham House there was a metropolis of friendly faces that were always available to talk, whether about how my day was going, academic struggles, or homesickness. This atmosphere is what helped me to cultivate the friendships I have made throughout my four years in Cobham, and which I will keep for life.

The staff within Cobham have played a huge role in not only making the House a place to flourish but a place that feels more akin to a home than a school. Our Housemaster at the time, Mr. Teasdale worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of everyday duties, allowing the rest of us to focus on school. Their efforts, however, might just be topped by hot chocolate with our amazingly caring Matron, Jo.

Cobham in my eyes truly separates itself from other houses through the spirit we show in everything we do. Whether it be House singing or House swimming we all give it our best and we do it together, whether we are singers or swimmers or not. The staff within Cobham have played a huge role in not only making the House a place to flourish but a place that feels more akin to a home than a school. Their efforts, however, might just be topped by hot chocolate with our amazingly caring Matron, Jo. Our housemaster Mr. Corthine offers a treasure trove of life lessons which they generously pass onto us in Cobham, with abundance and good spirit, the most memorable for me being that you learn from failure and it is a testament to your courage to try something. This lesson, and lots of good memories, are things I know I will take with me well past my time in Cobham.