A warm welcome from Grafton on the East side of the beautiful Stowe campus. 
Whilst the glamorous West side may have the magnificence of the buildings, we Eastenders like to think that this is where real life goes on at Stowe. Grafton is a very friendly and warm community whose residents understand the balance between having fun on the one hand and knuckling down over that essay or going that extra mile to make the team on the other hand. Buildings are only as grand as the people who occupy them and in this case Grafton has character in spades. Please do feel free to come and have look around and sample 'the Grafton way' for yourself.

Who's Who in Grafton

Gavin Moffat

Terri Bosman

Assistant Housemaster
Richard Corthine

Under Housemasters
Matthew Burch & Martin Quinn


Hugo Manners

(Third Form)

"I cannot believe how quickly I've made great friends and how nice the older boys are to us newbies in House"

Gavin Moffat

Gavin arrived at Stowe in September 2010 and is married to Rebecca and has two children, Isabel and Lottie. Gavin is a linguist who has taught at The Leys School, Cambridge, where he was Head of French and Modern Languages as well as Director of Rugby and an Assistant Housemaster. He then moved to Sherborne School, Dorset to teach A Level, IB and GCSE French as well as being Director of Rugby. Having represented England U21s at rugby and gained a cricket Blue at Cambridge, Gavin is sports mad and coaches some of Stowe’s rugby and cricket teams.

He enjoys the theatre, having directed House plays, the cinema and French culture. The Moffat family enjoy holidaying in Aberdovey as well as skiing in Europe. 

Grafton Facts

- Our rich acting pedigree in House has produced the likes of David Niven (James Bond in Casino Royale) and Henry Caville (Superman). Not bad for one House.

- Only TV celebrities are allowed to be Tutors in House. Junior Tutors Charlie Standley (winner of Pointless) and Martin Quinn (who appeared on The Weakest Link) lead the way. Fortunately we haven't had anybody on Crimewatch as yet.

- Grafton won the most silverware of any boys' House last year. A fact that the Headmaster told the House in an evening Housemeeting so it must be true.

- The three fastest times ever recorded for completing the school Assault Course record are held by the Grafton team. The team is a sight to behold when in full flight. Only maniacs need apply for the team.

- Real Madrid won their 10th European Cup (la décima) in 2014. Grafton is attempting to win the Inter-House cross-country competition for the 10th year in a row in 2016