Who's Who in Lyttelton

Sinéad Lyons-Deyzel & Ross Deyzel

Assistant Houseparent
Elspeth Newlin

Under Houseparent
Andrea Bernal Guerrero

Deborah Blake

Sinéad Lyons, Houseparent

I arrived at Stowe in 2018 where I completed my PGCE as a Teacher of Biology. Prior to this I completed a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Virology at Edinburgh University followed by five years as a post doctoral researcher of Polio vaccines at the University of Reading. 

At Reading I trained as an Associate Fellow of the HEA, which inspired me to return to teaching to share my passions with a new generation.

I have been an Assistant Houseparent and Third Form Tutor at Lyttelton since my arrival. In order to foster the continued development of biological and medical interests among keen pupils in the Science department I took on the leadership of the Biomedical Society; which has gone from strength to strength.

In 2020, I was appointed Houseparent of Lyttelton, supported by my husband, Ross. We are parents to the beloved house dog, Blaze, who regularly provides the girls in House with a break from their studies. Myself and Ross are both keen sports enthusiasts with a passion for learning and constant growth, and believe Lyttelton can be the place where every girl finds her passion and skill in life.

Head of House

"My time in Lyttelton house have been full of laughter and tears, from winning house events to losing them, from scoring highly in exams to failing them, but the thing I will remember the most is the positive and happy atmosphere within Lyttelton and the people within it who were part of my journey and supported me along the way."