The Stoic Charter

The Stoic Charter: Dux non dictator - To guide, not to rule

This Charter has been compiled by the Prefect team in consultation with Stoics. The document represents their wish to be considered as equal members of a community in which their rights are upheld and respected. In return, Stoics pledge to aspire to excellence, abide by school rules, respect the rights of teachers and to contribute constructively to school life by becoming Change Makers, and supporting initiatives such as Change 100.


  1. Stoics can expect to receive appropriate levels of pastoral, academic and coaching support in all their pursuits.
  2. Stoics have the right to access medical and counselling services as well as spiritual and emotional support from the Stowe community, whenever they need it. This is especially pertinent in the time of COVID-19; every Stoic has the right to remain safe and well during the pandemic, both mentally and physically.
  3. Stoics have the right to enjoy a well-balanced life at Stowe. This is a well-rounded balance of academic study, sport, creative activities, social life, spiritual life and a balanced diet which enables them to fulfil their potential inside and outside of the classroom.


  1. Stoics have the right to be taught by teachers who conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times; teachers should be well-prepared, punctual, dressed in business attire, enthusiastic and empathetic.
  2. Stoics have the right to learn in an environment which respects them as individuals and they, in turn, will perform to the best of their ability.
  3. Stoics have the right to a sufficient timeframe in which to complete work, and in return, this work will be completed to the best of their ability.
  4. Stoics have the right to receive timely and constructive feedback for all completed work.
  5. Stoics should be recognised for their efforts and to be rewarded for good work.
  6. Stoics should have the opportunity to continue their learning via online teaching if they are unable to attend school as a result of COVID-19.


  1. Ability should not affect opportunity, but equality of outcome is not guaranteed.
  2. Stoics should have the opportunity to voice their opinions on whole school issues through the various councils and give feedback without fear of repercussions.


  1. There should be no barriers to participation in any aspect of school life, regardless of a Stoic’s gender, race, age, sexuality, religious beliefs, or aptitude.
  2. Any prejudice, discrimination, racism, or sexism shown towards any Stoic or Staff should be dealt with the uttermost urgency and consequence.


  1. Stoics are expected to respect the community in which they live. A fair system of sanctions should exist to address instances when this respect has not been shown; punishments should be given in accordance with the blue book.
  2.  Stoics should have the right to a social life; to interact with the rest of the student community outside of lesson time enables better friendships and mental health.
  3. The Stowe community has a wider responsibility to respect our environment with its unique historic heritage and we should be aware of the precious eco-system we inhabit. This includes actions such recycling, reducing food waste, and saving energy.