Who's Who in Grenville

Stephen Whitby

Assistant Houseparent
Tim Hare

Under Houseparent
Peter Shepherd

Stephen Whitby, Houseparent

I have been a teacher of Design & Technology at Stowe since 2020. I am involved in all aspects of Stowe life, including leading the RAF Section of CCF, coaching cricket and rugby, running the School motorcycle club and a popular activity aimed to encourage more girls into engineering.  

I became a teacher in 2008 after a career as a technician for British and World Superbikes with Pirelli. I joined Stowe from Wellingborough School where I was a Teacher of Design & Technology and a Housemaster. Prior to that I was at Northampton School for Boys as a teacher, House Leader and Tutor. 

Since joining Stowe, I have woven myself into the fabric of Stowe - the role of Grenville Houseparent is the culmination of 15 years of preparation. I am incredibly excited to work with you and your children during their time at Stowe. I am a fully subscribed member of Stowe and all it has to offer Stoics. Both of my girls are progressing through The Stowe Group and I see, daily, how Stoics become Change Makers and grow and develop, and I wanted this for my children. I want this for your children. I promise you that I will do everything within my power to support them along whatever pathway they choose to take.

History of the House

Grenville House has a long and rich tradition of Changemakers. The house is built on firm foundations, being one of the first houses. We go back to 1924! Sir Nicholas Winton was an 'Old Grenvillian' and we are very proud of all of our boys. The house has room for around 55 boys. We are housed in the main mansion and as such are an integral part of the fabric of Stowe.

Ethos of the House

We all pride ourselves on 'giving everything a go'.  This mantra means we will try new things and do our best. The Grenvillians are warm and well natured. We accept all and expect compassion and empathy as a given. I would be very happy to show you round the house or speak with you about our fantastic pastoral care.