Alan Hughes

Alan joined Stowe in September 1997 as the Rugby Professional having previously played and coached at Northampton Saints. He has previously worked in Bruce, been the assistant Housemaster in Grafton and before becoming Grenville Housemaster in 2014, he was Acting Housemaster in Chatham.

Educated at Normanton Grammar School, Alan is a passionate Yorkshireman and proud to have coached the England U18 rugby side for seven years whilst coaching at Stowe. Elena, his wife, also works at Stowe and both their daughters, Yasmin and Alice, were educated here and are now at university,

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"I have been fortunate to have been involved in Rugby from the age of 11 when during my first ever Rugby practice at Normanton Grammar School a stray ball bobbed on the floor and I dived passed it to the boy next to me out of sheer panic and fear. The die was cast, the Deputy Head, Mr Atkinson, blew his whistle with gusto and when I was summoned toward him and had to give my name I thought I had committed a crime. The following Saturday I was named in the A team at scrum half and the rest as they say is history.

That one moment changed my life forever and I am sure we can all recall events at school that had a profound effect on our futures. In Grenville I would like to think that by encouraging boys to "have a go" it will afford them that opportunity to change and direct their lives. Getting young men to recognise each other’s strengths, understand and empathise with each other’s weaknesses makes them appreciate the value of everyone, musician, sportsman, academic and all round good egg. The House is like a rugby changing room made up of different characters with different strengths and different roles to play but by harnessing that talent and giving them a sense of purpose we generate collective success and I hope all the boys leave having recognised how their talent can support the team.

Finally, honesty is a virtue I strongly encourage. To come forward, take responsibility and say it how it is gives the boys lasting values that will serve them well in the future. Having the humility to admit to our errors is essential as well as having a sense of humour a trait that will stand them in good stead for their future lives."