Who's Who in Croft

Gordon West

Assistant Houseparent
Lucinda Stockley-Battams

Lisa West

Gordon West, Houseparent

As a proud member of the Stowe community since 2015, I, in the spirit of the esteemed Colonel Andrew Croft, am devoted to nurturing the potential of each young man in Croft's care.

I enjoy studying and have completed degrees in Law, an MBA in retailing, and a DBA in Higher Education Management.

My roles include being a Teacher of Business and Head of Futures (universities and careers) at Stowe. These roles align perfectly with the community, responsibility, opportunity, fun and teamwork guiding principles, fostering an environment where boys can realise their full potential.

Croft's Matron (and my wife) Lisa, is at the heart of the community. Her caring presence ensures continuity of care as boys join Croft House. Myself and Lisa, along with our children and Dobby, the Dalmatian, form part of an extended Term-time family that includes up to 56 boys.

These bonds within the House, supported by the team of tutors, underscore the commitment to the community while fostering resilience, adaptability, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Embodying the values of Andrew Croft and Stowe's Change Maker skills, I am honoured to serve as Houseparent of Croft House.

Ethos of the House

At Croft House, we live by five guiding principles: community, responsibility, opportunity, fun, and teamwork. Our pupils are encouraged to immerse themselves fully in these principles, inspiring them to strive for excellence and seize opportunities. Colonel Croft believed in the innate talent of every young man and the power of leading by example. 

Inspired by his legacy, we are committed to ensuring that each Croft House boy feels valued, is challenged, and has the opportunity to flourish. Together, we continue to unleash tomorrow's heroes.

History of the House

Croft House, Stowe School's newest day house established in 2023, is named in honour of Colonel Andrew Croft, DSO, OBE, Polar Medal. A distinguished explorer, WWII agent, and innovative reformer, Croft epitomized resilience, integrity, and leadership. His belief in nurturing talent shaped his approach, infusing young men with invaluable skills.

These principles guide Croft House, cherishing Croft's legacy as our inspiration. We're privileged to have met Croft family members, graciously permitting us to adopt their crest and colours.

Honouring Croft's life of achievement, we strive to cultivate future Change Makers, mirroring his extraordinary passion for developing individuals' potential. "Explorer and leader of men" remains our beacon.

Head of House

“Every Croftonian should strive for excellence and be recognised for their hard work”