Who's Who in Walpole

Gwilym Jones

Assistant Houseparent

Under Houseparent
Bailey Dingley & Dominic Blackmore-Beales

Paula Montgomery

Gwilym Jones, Houseparent

I arrived at Stowe from Somerset to teach Languages in 2008. Prior to becoming Walpole Houseparent, I was an Assistant Houseparent in Temple and Acting Houseparent of West.
Through my work at Stowe I have been able to indulge my passion for the outdoors. I run the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and the Climbing Society and help with the sailing and rowing activities.



My family and I enjoy taking full advantage of the school holidays to tour the hills and beaches of the UK and Europe.

Ethos of the House

I am often asked what type of House Walpole is and the answer is that it is a House defined by those who live in it. A Walpudlian does not fit a mould or a type, he is someone who knows who he is and what interests him and most importantly feels comfortable pursuing excellence in his field, without feeling he has to conform to any particular 'social norms'. We celebrate the differences in our House and we are very proud of all our achievements, be they in the classroom, in the pool, on the sports field, in the music hall, on stage or in the mountains.

Head of House

"Walpole has played an integral part in my development over the past 5 years – like myself many of the boys would agree with me in saying that they would not be half the people they are today without the constant support provided by the framework within Walpole."