Step 5 - Search for Special Opportunities

Task - use Unifrog to search for scholarships

What's the point of this Special opportunities tool? Find stuff that'll help you get into your next step after school or college, and pay for it too.

Different types of special opportunities

1. Scholarships

One-off scholarships mean you get the money all in one go

Renewable scholarships mean you get some money every year of your degree - you might have to reapply, or it might be automatic

2. Activities

Summer schools and residentials give you a taste of university life and study before you start

Mentoring and advice sessions help with your application

Competitions award bragging rights and a prize (often cash) to the winner

Contextual offers mean that universities lower their entry requirements for students who have met certain criteria

Gap years give you a break to experience different activities before you decide on or start your next step

Virtual work experience gives you some real-life experience of work, without going anywhere