Step 1 - How to begin: Your Personal Statement Planner

Personal Statement Planner (example)

Read this example of how to complete the next task I will set you. This example of a personal statement planner is based around economics. Your planner will be different. If you feel that you are unable to complete some sections of the planner (next activity), then you should consider how you could fill these gaps.

If you are applying to the top universities, you are in competition with many other students. Top grades are always going to be the first thing they look at, but it is not the only thing. Also, with some universities holding interviews as part of the application process, a complete personal statement planner will probably mean that you are prepared.

Lastly, a complete personal statement planner also shows me and you that you have researched the topic that you are going to study. This is three years of your life. Try and ensure that you are studying the right course and the right university.

Course Name: Economics

Now complete the Personal Statement Planner Activity below

Personal Statement Planner

Write a list on the following topics

  • Course Name
  • Things you have achieved or do
    • Courses, trips and visits
    • Projects, coursework and research
    • Special areas of interest
    • Books, articles, blogs and journals
    • Talks and lectures
    • Work Experience
    • Gap year plans
    • Extra-curricular interests and achievements

Do you notice any gaps in your experience?

Now write yourself a plan of activities you would like to achieve, how you will achieve them and when you would like to achieve them. 

Remember you are not alone. Speak to your parents, tutor, teachers and friends to advice on how you can fill gaps in your perfect personal statement.