Academic Documents

Understanding the University Document Requirements

U.S. colleges and universities will present you with different requirements for your academic documents. Some of the terms and phrases you will see in relation to your academic documents include:

  • Stamped and sealed
  • Official
  • Attested
  • Original
  • Sent from the institution
  • NACES certified
  • Credential evaluation

To understand what you need to send a university, you must first understand the differences between:


A conversion of your document from the non-English language that it is written into English. Whatever is written on your academic document will be literally translated into English following the format of the document as closely as possible. The documents we will produce for your will be in English. If you transferred to Stowe for the sixth form, your GCSE equivilent qualifcations might be presented in a different language. Usually, the admissions department will have a translated copy of your results. If not, this will need to be completed. Your careers advisor will advise you on the best process for this.

All universities will require your academic documents to be in English, but some may also request a native language version as well.

Translation services include:

National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) Members:


A stamp, signature, or other official seal placed on a photocopy of your academic documents. By stamping, signing, or placing a seal on the photocopy, the attestation agent/agency is stating that the photocopy was made from an original version. An attestation is a verified photocopy of your original academic documents.

An attestation would fulfil the requirement for a stamped, official, or attested document. Attestations, however, are not always considered “original.”

Attestation services include:

Various ministries, consulates, or other government departments in your country might also be able to attest your documents.

Credential Evaluation

An assessment of your academic documents that recalculates and converts your academics studies and performance to the U.S. educational equivalents. Your careers advisor will guide you through this process.