Myles Henry Award and Gap Year Award

About Myles Henry

Myles Henry attended Stowe School from 1935 to 1939 and was head boy of Chatham House. He was an outgoing and gregarious student with a penchant for all sports, being in the 1st X1 for cricket and 1st XV for rugby, and in 1939 he played for the English Public Schools XV against the Scottish schools.

After leaving Stowe, Myles briefly studied at Queens College Cambridge. However he felt it his duty to join the war effort and enlisted in the army as a private. He joined the Royal Sussex Regiment and was commissioned within six months. His first overseas posting was to the Middle East.

Following the defeat of Rommel in the Libyan campaign Myles then went to Palestine where he trained as a parachutist. After a short stint in North Africa he was dropped into Italy where he took part in several skirmishes before returning to England.

Myles and his Regiment stayed training on home soil for 10 months during which time he married his fiancée.

In September 1944, Myles, by now a Captain, was again called into action and sent to Holland. It was there, in the Battle of Arnhem, that Myles Henry, Intelligence Officer of the 10th Battalion Parachute Regiment tragically lost his life. At the age of 24 he became one of the many heroes that sacrificed their lives for their country and the wellbeing of future generations.

In order to ensure that Myles' valour was recognised and remembered, his Mother set up a trust for Stowe School. The aim was to award future students the opportunity to be acknowledged for initiative, idealism and courage – key traits that symbolised Myles. Accordingly, over the past decades, the Myles Henry Award has allowed numerous students the chance to broaden their horizons and assist with various worthwhile causes across the world.

It is our wish that the Myles Henry Award continues to encourage Stoics to challenge themselves, assist others in less fortunate circumstances and then share their experiences with their family, peers and tutors at Stowe.

Myles Henry Award Application Form

Gap Year Award Application Form

Rules and Conditions

  1. Awards of between £1,000 and £2,500 are available annually to four Stoics who, in the opinion of the judges, submit the most constructive proposals for the use of the Gap Year between leaving Stowe and going to university.
  2. All Stoics in the Upper Sixth Form are eligible.
  3. The successful applicants will be judged according to the following criteria:
  • the quality and maturity of the proposal;
  • the quality of the arguments in support of the activity and its perceived benefits;
  • the range and quality of the benefits expected to the applicant and, if relevant, to Stowe, the Old Stoic Society and society in general, Parents' Association.
  1. The Panel of Judges consists of:

In the case of the OS Society - the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and one other member of the Old Stoic Committee, the Headmaster and the Head of International Development.

In the case of the Parents' Association - a selection of volunteers or committee members as well as the Head of International Development.

  1. Timetable:

Proposals, submitted on the official application form, should reach Dr West no later than Monday 30th January.

The winners of the awards will be notified individually before the end of the Lent term and awards will be presented at the Old Stoic Dinner in May or at the School's Speech Day in the case of the Parent Award.

The Gap Year starts in the summer.

An illustrated presentation must be made to the Sixth Form at Stowe in the Michaelmas term immediately following the Gap Year and an article about the Gap Year experience written for The Stoic.

  1. Payment of each award will be made in two instalments:

Half at the presentation at the Old Stoic Dinner or Speech Day;

Half on the fulfilment of the obligations specified in item 5 above in the autumn following the Gap Year.

  1. The amount and payment of the awards are entirely at the discretion of the judges.
  2. Application forms may be obtained from Dr West (you can also download the form from this page) who will be pleased to answer queries and offer advice.