Planning your gap year - Safety

Safety and different customs

While on your Gap Year, it is not unusual to visit and spend time in countries that are not politically and economically stable. This sometimes has consequences regards your personal safety and what activities you may wish to involve yourself in.

Other countries may have wildlife and diseases which you have not come across before and may be harmful to you. It is quite common for students taking a Gap Year to become ill at least once during their travels and this may put you in a very difficult situation regards your health.

In some countries, it would be an offence to chew gum or to show your midrif and this may end up with you being arrested by the local police. Many common medicines that we use in Europe are banned in some countries and being found in possession with them again may end up with you being arrested.

Taking part in a Gap Safety Course will inform you of the many issues you will need to consider when traveling abroad. Objective Gap are very experienced in this field and students from all over the country attend their courses each year. OG have been coming to Stowe now for several years and are highly recommended by those Stoics that have attended.

We STRONGLY advise that any one taking a Gap Year should participate in a Safety Course before they leave. We feel so strongly about this that we financially subsidise a course run by Objective Gap, based in London. Each year they come to Stowe for a day and all students that sign up have the opportunity to benefit from the experience they have to offer. The course usually costs £150, and students only have to pay £50. Details of dates etc will be e-mailed to all Upper 6th Formers before Easter each year.

If the ONLY thing you do in this regard..... make sure you take out a good TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY. There are many of these about and a simple internet search will lead you in the right direction (sometimes it can be added to your parents 'Home Insurance Policy). Remember, that if you do any activity that is remotely dangerous, your insurance policy will more than likely not cover you should you have an accident. Things like bicycle and moped hire come high on the list... students have in that past had to pay upwards of £20,000 to get back home following relatively 'minor' accidents!

Regards Travel Insurance, I recently came across a company that claim they specialise in travel insurance for Gap Students and also give support regards what vaccinations to take, planning support, discounts on ravel products,access to low cost flights etc. To hear more follow this link (for some reason this link will not work... so just type in the address directly into your address bar!!!). Also, offer students gap Insurance and be found at the link highligheted.