At Stowe, we start the university course research process using the Unifrog search tool. This is a powerful tool that will help you identify a long list of potential courses and universities based on your predicted grades and interests. An added benefit of using Unifrog is that the tool automatically emails a copy of your university searches to your tutor, who will be able to help you explore university options further.

You can also use the following services to dig deeper into courses, universities, success rates...

Once you have identified a list of courses you like the idea of, then you MUST go to the specific university website and read the course specification and entry requirements for each course. 

This is where you will find out exactly what you will be studying, the minimum and preferred entry requirements and if, for example, you will be offered a grade reduction for completing the EPQ.

The course specification will also help you plan your personal statement and help you understand if you really want to study the course for the next three or four years (longer in some subjects).

Below are some useful links from UCAS to help you complete the required administration.

Shelly's Checklist

A guide to help you avoid common admin errors in your UCAS application