Careers Journey at Stowe

Careers Guidance

High quality careers guidance is critical if young people are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available. A gradual process of increasing self-awareness, discussion and education leads to particular interests, which may then be pursued in Higher Education or employment. For some this happens naturally; others need structure, guidance and inspirational careers education.

At Stowe we aim to provide our pupils with a variety of opportunities, which allow them to make sound decisions leading to fulfilment. In addition, they benefit from the additional independent advice and guidance services from Stowe's professionally qualified careers team and use careers tools such as Unifrog.

The Careers Department continuous reviews our programme in order to provide the best possible advice and information to pupils, reflecting the changing world of Higher Education and employment.

Third Form Year

Michaelmas Term

  • Unifrog careers and education profiling to support GCSE choices.
  • GCSE choices briefing followed by a full parents meeting.
  • GCSE choices confirmed in November.

Fourth Form Year

Michaelmas/Lent Terms

  • Unifrog Careers and Higher Education Profiling.
  • Explore potential careers that you may be interested in.

Summer Term

  • Parents' Meeting with teachers at start of first Exeat to review progress.

Fifth Form Year

Michaelmas Term

  • Unifrog tests and careers selection programme.
  • Stowe's Sixth Form Courses Guide distributed to parents.

Lent Term

  • Feedback interview and report handover by Careers Advisor.
  • A follow-up interview with Fifth Form Tutor or Head of Careers to discuss possible A-Level choices in the light of Higher Education entry requirements.
  • GCSE trial exams.
  • A-level choices briefing and Parents' Meeting with teachers, tutors and careers staff at the start of the second Exeat to discuss progress.

Summer Holidays

  • Career-related work experience.
  • All 5th form students will complete a work placement after completing their GCSE's.
  • It is advisable that you also plan a work placement in your lower 6th year that is directly linked to your planned degree.

Lower Sixth Form Year

Michaelmas Term

  • Career-related work experience follow-up.
  • Careers Fair – Old Stoics & other employers
  • Unifrog Careers and Higher Education profiling update.

Lent Term

  • Tutors discuss Higher Education options with pupils. Preparation for UCAS Apply.
  • Parents' Meeting with teachers and Careers staff at start of first Exeat to discuss academic progress.
  • Higher Education/university entrance and Open Day briefing for parents.
  • Regular use of university research programmes and UCAS websites.

Summer Term

  • Advice on writing the UCAS Personal Statement.
  • Attend University Open Days.
  • Independent Projects.
  • Registration on UCAS Apply.
  • Career-related work experience.

Upper Sixth Form Year

Michaelmas Term

  • UCAS Applications (from mid-September).
  • Parents' Meeting with Tutors and Careers staff at the start of the first Exeat to discuss applications.
  • Sponsorship/bursary for Higher Education discussed where relevant.
  • Opportunities for LNAT (Law) and UKCAT (Medicine) aptitude tests at external centres.
  • Early applications to US universities to be completed by 1 October with all remaining US applications completed by 1 December.
  • Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine deadline (15 October).
  • All remaining university applications to Tutors by 15 October.
  • BMAT (Medicine) and Oxford aptitude tests (ELAT, HAT, and TSA) in School (15 October).

November to March

  • Interviews at universities and provisional offers of places. Practice interviews available for those called by universities.

Lent Term

  • Final UCAS deadline (15 January).

Summer Term

  • Tutorial advice on post A Level results strategy. A Level results advice document provided.
  • Reply to UCAS offers (dates vary). A-Level examinations.
  • Cambridge STEP examinations.


  • Assistance available from Stowe School for post A Level results.