CV Template

The CV below is a good example of a one page CV for someone with limited work expereince. Your CV shold be adapted for each role you apply for and should be accompanied by a targetted cover letter. 

  1. The layout is clean and easy to read.
  2. It lists school contact details, not your personal email or mobile number. (If you would like to list your personal mobile number, speak to a parent or guardian first)
  3. Their goals are clearly stated.
  4. It is focused on the pupils strong points - linked to the work experience they are looking for. 
  5. It references her GCSE actual grades and the A-levels they are studying.
  6. It lists their social media skills. (this may not be relevant for all work placements)
  7. It doesn't include a list of references. 

If you would like help writing your CV, either speak to your tutor or email or to book an appointment with the careers department. 

Example CV

An example CV for a Lower Sixth or Fifth Form pupil.

A link to "My Perfect CV" - From CV templates, writing advice, and CV examples, to an online CV builder that almost writes the CV for you, you’ll find everything to need to create that winning CV right here.