Small Sums Make a Big Difference

£100 million is an epic goal. But small, regular donations from across the Stowe School Community will make it achievable. A sense of wide participation is vitally important to the success of Change 100 and it will be a ground swell of modest donations from across the community that encourages our larger donors to invest in our Change 100 mission. But with regular giving, small donations have a very significant impact in themselves.

For example:

  • If every Upper Sixth form Stoic gave just £1 per week for the first year after they left, it would fully fund a 20% bursary that coming year
  • It only takes 20 Old Stoics each giving £20 per month for five years, after Gift Aid, to fully fund a day place at Stowe for a talented boy or girl from the local area
  • A gift of £50 per month for five years, after Gift Aid, would provide all the funding needed to purchase the uniform and equipment needed for five new bursary recipients at the School
  • A gift of £1,000, or £100 a year for ten years, could be added to our Immediate Impact fund and go towards the provision of five fully-funded boarding places at the School every year

No gift to Change 100 is too small. We will be delighted and honoured to receive every gift, and to keep every donor informed of the difference that their gift is making – however large or modest it may be - to the lives of bursary recipients.