The Roxy has become the home for all Theatre and Drama at Stowe

The Roxburgh Hall

The Roxburgh Theatre (or 'Roxy' as it is affectionately known) is an iconic building. It has been central to life at Stowe for over five decades and perhaps most famously was the venue for the concert by The Beatles in April 1963. The Roxy, though, remained largely untouched for 50 years and was in urgent need of repair and restoration.

Our ambition was not only to repair the leaking roofs and substandard services but also to remodel it and provide a truly superb theatrical facility for many years to come. In 2011 the roof was replaced and the ceiling repaired; in 2012 the auditorium and stage area were completely refurbished, producing facilities that match any good local theatre; in 2013, a complete re-rendering and fitting of new doors and windows transformed the exterior.  Work in 2014 culminated in the refurbishment of the 'wings' of the theatre, creating new classrooms, studio and teaching facilities that will allow the Roxy to become the home for all Theatre and Drama at Stowe.