A chance to define an era

Michael Deeley

Oscar Winning Film Producer

My parents divorced when I was 11. My mother was determined that I should go to the best possible school – and she chose Stowe. I tried for a scholarship and failed Latin, but after JF interviewed me he offered a bursary - enough for my mother to manage the fees.

My years at Stowe were very happy – particularly when I was on Bill McElwee’s History Side. I was also provided with the stability and care I needed, and Stowe became truly a home from home which helped me to develop the confidence that was so valuable when I served in the army in Malaya.

In 1953 I entered the Film Industry and produced my first (short!) film in 1956. Since then, I have produced 25 films including The Italian Job, Blade Runner and Deer Hunter which earned me an Oscar. Thank you, Stowe, for putting me on that path.