Stowe will be seen as the ‘go-to’ destination for budding engineers, designers and architects

Design Technology & Engineering

Our current facilities, built in the 1950s, are inadequate. There are three workshops which are cramped and overcrowded. Temporary portacabins serve as classrooms, we are unable to store large projects and do not have the space to hold the necessary stock of materials. The new facilities will increase the number, size and quality of the workshops and classrooms. We will create a fully integrated Design, Technology and Engineering Centre to accommodate the School’s expanding pupil roll and the ever-changing demands of this innovative subject. There will be distinct ‘designing spaces’ and ‘making spaces’, a dedicated area for teaching and learning resources, adequate storage for materials and large-scale projects and an exhibition space to showcase the most interesting and innovative work. We have commissioned architects Design Engine to create a new Centre of Design, Technology and Engineering on the existing DT site. We are proud to present these plans which we believe will provide Stowe with state-of-the-art facilities to complement our substantial investment in Science, Music, Art and Drama.

Together We Can Make This Happen

The estimated cost is £6.5m which will enable us to build a structure of over 1,000m2 (our current floor area is 683m2). Your support will enable Stowe to complete the transformation of its facilities and teaching spaces. Design and Technology will attract ever greater pupil numbers as design and engineering solutions become increasingly important in the modern world. Stowe will be seen as the ‘go-to’ destination for budding engineers, designers and architects, fusing creativity and technological innovation so that we maintain our reputation as the School which encourages individuals to develop their unique talents, wherever they may lie. It is our ambition to raise the capital needed by mid-2020 so that we can start building in late 2020 and look forward to an official opening in our Centenary year, 2023. If you would like any further information about how you might be able to help with this exciting project, please contact Colin Dudgeon, Development Director.