A chance to be a change maker

Liberty King

Education Consultant

I grew up in a low-income single parent family in Milton Keynes. My mother earned just £13,000 a year working for the local Council and although I excelled in my school work and dreamt of going to Oxford, it just didn’t seem achievable. However, an advert in the local paper led me to sitting an academic Scholarship exam at Stowe and I was awarded a bursary on top of that.

I thrived at Stowe, went on to Oxford and then Harvard to do a master’s degree. The reality is that from my background, and with no one in my family having been to university before, I could have easily slipped through the net. However, because of a bursary at Stowe I’m now working in the education sector supporting young people from all backgrounds achieve their full potential. It really is my dream come true.