A chance to lead

Sonya Sander

Head Girl (2019-20)

‘Education never ends’ (elimu haina mwisho) is what my mum always stood by. She loved taking simplicity and giving it meaning. She was an inspiration for all our family and brought my sister and I up with a great love for learning.

Moving to Stowe from Kenya was unsettling, but Stowe grabbed me by the hand and pulled me along its special and inspiring journey. I took all the opportunities that came my way: I played basketball and lacrosse for the first time and started to experience happiness in the things that I found I loved.

Stowe strengthened and, at times, challenged me, which only drove me to keep learning and working hard. For me, acting and singing were my main passions and I was never short of opportunities to explore these crafts further. My inspiring singing teacher supported me to Grade 8 Distinction and my drama teachers helped me find my voice as Juliet. I threw myself into many aspects of Stowe life and began to find my feet unexpectedly and surprisingly as Head Girl.

This opportunity would have been impossible without the support I got from a wonderful Stowe bursary and my lovely Grandma. Without Stowe's bursary team I would have never been able to have such a wonderful experience at school. The support from Stowe as a school has been heart-warming for my family and me, especially through the Lower Sixth when my Grandma was diagnosed with cancer. 

My time at Stowe has been shaped by my wonderful friends, teachers and community who have fuelled, and will continue to fuel, my future aspirations. Stowe has allowed me to write my own story and discover who I want to be.

I am grateful for the fantastic opportunity I have had, and I hope fervently that the support towards Change 100 will enable more students to write their own stories and discover their potential.