Immediate Impact: The ‘First £1 Million’

Every year, the first £1 million raised will be spent immediately on funding places in the coming year at Stowe.

Our ultimate goal for Change 100 is to create an endowment fund of £100 million that will fully fund 100 boarding places at Stowe, every year in perpetuity. Every million pounds in our endowment will generate enough investment income annually to fund a place that year for a deserving child at Stowe. This will not only ensure that Stowe is best placed to thrive over the centuries to come, but will also enable the Stowe community to build a lasting legacy.

However we are aware of three important things: first, it will naturally take time to build the endowment fund and for us to benefit from a substantial annual income; second, we know that there are many worthy children who could benefit from a Stowe education right now, and we are keen that the positive impact of Change 100 should be felt as soon as possible; third, some of our donors will prefer that their contributions to Change 100 will be used as an immediate capital sum rather than be invested for the longer term.

By directing the first £1 million we raise every year into an Immediate Impact fund, and with the agreement of our donors, gifts both large and more modest can have a direct effect in the twelve months to come in improving the lives and education of talented and deserving children.

We would be thrilled to talk in more detail to those interested in supporting the ‘First £1 Million’, please don't hesitate to contact us. Or, you can make a one-off donation or give monthly through PayPal.