Business Studies

Studying Business at GCE A Level does not guarantee that one will become a future Bill Gates, but a wide variety of issues will be covered which can be applied to virtually any work experience that you have in future life.
Head of Business Studies: Mr Anthony Ashfield


With all Stoics carrying a laptop, in the Third Form pupils will be taught some fundamentals of computing and how to make use of the VLE and Office 365. They can go on and take Computing as a GCSE option and we offer A Level Computer Science in the Sixth Form.
Head of Computing: Mr Aditya Gupta


Economics is taught only in the Sixth Form at Stowe and is an increasingly popular A Level choice. The Department aims to provide students with not only an academic understanding of these subjects, but also a broader appreciation of the economic issues faced both in the UK and globally. The subject offers the opportunity for students to engage in discussion and learn about some of the major crisis facing the UK today including immigration, globalisation, oil shortages and the situation in the Middle East.
Head of Economics: Mr Anthony Ashfield


Here in the Mathematics Department we aim to ensure that all pupils are challenged to attain their full mathematical potential regardless of their ability, and that they are given the necessary support by their teachers to achieve this.
Head of Maths: Mr Mikkel Moller