Tutorial System

Every pupil has a Tutor who is responsible for monitoring academic progress, advising on choice of academic subjects and future career decisions and providing a link between subject teachers and parents.

Central to the tutorial programme at Stowe is the provision of one to one support and a personalised curriculum through Stoic Individual Programmes (SIPs). Tutors meet weekly with their tutees on an individual basis to plan the week ahead and reflect on achievements or issues arising from the previous week. Tutors have access to a wealth of information on each tutee via the School’s database, including academic awards or concerns and, in some cases, feedback from individual teachers. In addition, the pupil planners have details of forthcoming academic society meetings, important coursework deadlines or other academic commitments, sporting fixtures, music performances and drama rehearsals. This weekly review enables the Tutor to monitor the academic and pastoral welfare of their tutees very closely indeed, and to facilitate the provision of various, more formal, support measures if necessary. Communication with parents is a very important part of our pastoral care and parents are invited to contact their son/daughter's Tutor by email or telephone, should they wish to raise any issues or concerns.

In the Lower School, tutorial groups are arranged by Year Group and by House. The tutorial system is an integral part of the pastoral provision at Stowe and all Lower School Tutors do one evening duty a week in the Boarding House. House Teams meet once a week to discuss any pastoral or academic issues arising and to discuss plans of action as necessary. The role of the Tutor at Stowe is a pivotal one as it provides a crucial link in the chain of communication between teachers, Housemasters/mistresses, parents and tutees. Where possible, a Tutor will keep his/her tutor group as they move from the Third Form through to the Fifth Form, fostering a positive relationship with both tutees and their parents.

The Upper School tutorial system is organised according to various selection criteria, namely subject options and personal choice. Lower School Tutors assist pupils in their choice of a Sixth Form Tutor at the end of the Fifth Form and the list is co-ordinated by the Senior Tutor. The emphasis is on providing a close structure of academic and pastoral support through the use of SIPs and weekly one-to-one tutorials. Sixth Form Tutors are also responsible for guiding their tutees through the process of applying to higher education; for most this involves making an application through the UCAS system.

Through discussion and guidance from their Tutors, pupils are set targets and given a clear understanding of our expectations. Progress is closely monitored and reported back to both pupils and parents, through the publication of academic progress grades and end of term reports.