Arts & Culture Faculty


The Art School offers facilities for a wide range of Fine Art Drawing, Painting, ICT and Printmaking. Pupils are encouraged to work in a way that allows them to explore the relationships between these mediums, as well as 2D and 3D disciplines and processes. Great value is placed in the regular Life Drawing classes that we offer for the Sixth Form.

The Art School is aiming wherever possible to work from direct experience and observation. Work should come from the development of concepts that are sustained and sequential as appropriate to age and ability level. We encourage pupils to have a strong awareness of contemporary practice and be able to place this within a theoretical and historical context.
Head of Art: Daniel Scott


Design is an established, challenging and vibrant area of the curriculum and one of the few where Stoics can forge and maintain close comparisons with the practices and processes found in the world of industry and design today. It explores the design process from simple concept sketch on paper through Computer Aided Design (CAD) and on to a developed prototype ready for commerical viability.
Head of Design: Martin Quinn


Drama at Stowe has grown from strength to strength. Teaching and learning takes place in the newly refurbished Roxburgh Hall which has a proscenium arch stage, fully equipped with professional lights and sounds and is generally the site of major play productions.

Many of the drama pupils also appear in the diverse range of extra curricular drama that goes on in School, which includes productions by our Senior and Junior Congreve (our Drama Society named after William Congreve the English playwright 1670-1729 famous for his restoration comedies of manners) - each stages a major production during the year and is a key highlight of the drama calendar. Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities for entertainment with House Plays and other Stoic driven productions.
Acting Director of Drama: Laura Parker


From its very foundation Stowe School has always had a reputation for the Arts. Music has always had a high profile at Stowe and its very surroundings make it an ideal place for the student to make music.

A wealth of concerts and recitals are given throughout the year, mainly by Stoics themselves. There are often three or four musical events in a week, giving Stoics the opportunity to share their music with friends, staff and visiting parents, while gaining experience and confidence in performing in public . It is our aim that all Stoics should have the opportunity to develop their full potential as musicians during their time at the School and leave here with a love of music, whether classical, jazz, rock or pop.

The range of musical activities is enormous. Our Music Department staff is enhanced by visiting teachers from prestigious institutions such as the Royal Academy and others. There are numerous classical ensembles, orchestras, choirs, wind and jazz bands.
Director of Music: Emma Bryden