Languages Faculty


Stowe's Classics Department aims to share the delights of the classical world with as many as possible. It does this by emphasising traditional academic rigour, including linguistic accuracy and learning, along with an eagerness to enhance teaching with modern methods, such as ICT. The Classical Society has a programme of visiting speakers and also arranges visits to plays, museums and archaeological sites in the UK, and trips abroad to Greece and Italy.

Head of Classics: James Sheppe

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department is a large and thriving Department at Stowe which believes that in our increasingly international society, knowledge of a foreign language is a vital and valuable skill both in life and in business. We aim to make pupils proficient in the use of at least one language and aim not only at linguistic competence but also endeavour to promote understanding and appreciation of the target culture. The Modern Languages Department is committed to fostering enjoyment of languages and language learning, to encouraging good communication skills and to ensuring that each pupil achieves their full potential.

In the Lower School all Stoics currently study French and half the year has the opportunity to study a second language, either Spanish or German. All Stoics are expected to continue at least one language to GCSE. We have a good and increasing number of Upper School linguists taking a language at A Level and a considerable percentage of these pupils continue the language learning at University.


Head of French: Fanny Leluan


Head of German: Alice Tearle


Head of Spanish: Julio Morales-Shearer