Preps & Clinics


Prep forms an important part of the curriculum timetable providing an opportunity for independent study, further development of a subject outside of the classroom, and of course an opportunity for Teachers and Tutors to assess the pupils' understanding and progress in each subject. Prep for Third and Fourth Form pupils is of half an hour duration per subject; for Fifth Form pupils, prep is 40 minutes each. Prep for Sixth Form is not formally timetabled, but normally amounts to at least four hours per week per A Level subject. Prep may also include a variety of other tasks, over a period of time, such as reading and research.


Academic Clinics are held each week day Tuesday through to Friday at 5.45pm. These are open to all pupils and provide a constant and regular period when a member of each Department will be readily accessible to any pupil. These Clinics are valuable in assisting pupils who may be struggling with their work generally or a particular piece of prep or who simply wish to seek further guidance on their subject outside of the classroom. Monday's 5.45pm schedule is used for Tutor periods.