Clubs & Societies

One of the most valued advantages enjoyed by pupils at a boarding school is the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities. There are few who have been through Stowe whose interests have not been aroused by one or a number of the activities on offer. Thereafter the pursuit of excellence takes over which, with the consequent rise in confidence, has the inevitable, beneficial effect on a Stoic's overall progress and achievements. We encourage our young people to participate in a new activity each term during their early years at Stowe, to try out something that they would not normally consider.

Through a wide range of extra curricular House and Inter House activities, dramatic, sporting, musical and cultural, Stoics appreciate the benefits of teamwork, co-operation and involvement.

Activities extend beyond the School, having a strong CCF contingent, a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and a Community Service programme which operates locally on a termly basis.

There are so many different activities from sporting, academic and creative options that no Stoic should ever be bored or lacking in something worthwhile to do.