Join Stowe Connect

Stowe Connect unlocks the OS Network to allow everyone to interact. Please click on the link below to sign up for Stowe Connect.

OS Members Services, such as our Jobs Board, Online Mentoring, Members Benefiits with luxury brands and contacts for OS Global Represenatives can now all be found in Stowe Connect. Stowe Parents, Stowe Staff and Stoics in the Sixth Form can also be found on Stowe Connect, to allow even greater networking potential and facilitate our Mentoring Service for Stoics and Recent Leavers.

This page also contains guidance downloads for those who need a helping hand signing up to Stowe Connect.

User Guide

A help sheet to explain the power of Stowe Connect

Signing Up

A help sheet for guidance whilst sigining up to Stowe Connect


Guidance for how to control Notifications from Stowe Connect


A help sheet for downloading the Stowe Connect App to your mobile or tablet