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OSS Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Old Stoic Society

As you delve into the pages of our website you will uncover a hive of Old Stoic activity taking place across the globe, as well as a range of opportunities open to you, which are ripe for the picking.

With our fundamental aim at heart, we strive to provide Old Stoics with lifelong support and lifelong fellowship as soon as they leave the gates of Stowe and enter the world beyond.

With over ten thousand Old Stoics in our ranks, we are lucky to harbour an unrivalled range of business, professional and personal connections that make up a support network for our members. You can find long-lost friends or make new business contacts via our Online Old Stoic Register, which interacts with LinkedIn.

The members’ services and opportunities we provide aim to inspire members to have the courage to stand out from the crowd, think on their feet and to be creative, so they can make a real impact in life. We feed the knowledge of older generations to young Old Stoics through a varied careers programme and run a mentoring programme to provide advice and progression for all.

The Society has a myriad of sports teams and clubs for members to take part in and we actively encourage new groups to start up. A varied calendar of members' events take place across the country and the world each year, to allow everyone to meet up or return to Stowe.

The Old Stoic Office at Stowe is led by our Director, Anna Semler and our Events Manager, Charlotte Evans. The direction and activity of the Society is managed by the Old Stoic Society Committee and a handful of smaller subcommittees. If you would like to lend a hand, please do get in touch.

This Society exists to support its members and with that in mind, please do make full use of it. Please take part in our events and activities, give us comments and ideas and do keep in touch. 

I hope you enjoy the news, activities and services on offer to you via this website. 

With very best wishes 

Luke Chauveau (Cobham 87) OSS Chair

Society Information

The Society entrusts the pursuit of its objectives and the serving of its members to an elected Committee, which meets at least three times a year, in London and at Stowe.

Current Committee Members

If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member please contact the Society Director, Anna Semler on 01280 818252 or

The Society's two objectives are:

to support its members by providing opportunities for social, sporting and business networking;

to support Stowe and Stoics by working in close and proactive partnership with the School.

Charlotte Evans is based full-time in the Old Stoic Office and is the Old Stoic Events Manager. Charlie can be contacted on 01280 818349 or 

Current Committee

President The Baroness Fraser of Craigmaddie (née Struthers, Stanhope 86)
Vice President Anthony Wallersteiner (Headmaster)
Chair Luke Chauveau (Cobham 87)
Vice Chair Toby Gauvain (Temple 89)  - Leavers and Croft Committee
Past Chair Hannah Durden (Nugent 01)
Director Anna Semler (Nugent 05)
Treasurer Nigel Wright (Chatham 78)
Members Talulla Barrow (Lyttelton 07) - Corkscrew Society & EXCO
  Dr Milla Marinova (Lyttelton 03) - Talks
  Alasdair Shaikh (Walpole 06)  - Careers
  Simon Smith (Cobham 88) - Sport
  Piers Winton (Walpole 00) - Events

Croft Committee

The Croft Committee steer our services and events for recent leavers and is made up of Old Stoics who left Stowe in the last nine years. If you are interesting in joining the Croft Committee, please email

Chair Max Shannon (Walpole 18)
Vice Chair Shannon Devlin (Stanhope 15)
Members George Gauvain (Temple 20)
  Toby Gauvain (Temple 89)
  Grace Potts (Queen's 21)
  Oscar Holmes (Grafton 17)
  Eleanor Trotman (Queen's 18)
  Charlie Evans

Former Presidents of the Society

Mr Matthew Vaughn (Chandos 89) 2017 - 2022
Sir Richard Branson (Cobham/Lyttelton 68) 2013 - 2017
Mr Anthony Bolton (Chatham 67) 2011 - 2013
Mr Chris Atkinson (Chatham 59) 2005 - 2011
Sir Peregrine Worsthorne (Grafton 42) 2004 - 2005
Mr Richard Thornton (Walpole 50) 2003 - 2004
Sir John Perring (Grenville 49) 2002 - 2003
Lord Rowe-Beddoe (Chandos 55) 2001 - 2002
Mr Bill Shand Kydd (Cobham 55) 2000 - 2001
Air Marshal Sir Reggie Harland (Chatham 38) 1999 - 2000
Sir Michael Craig-Cooper (Temple 54) 1998 - 1999
The Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover (Grenville 46) 1997 - 1998
The Lord Rees (Temple 45) 1996 - 1997
Mr David Wynne (Grenville 44) 1995 - 1996
Mr Peter Rossiter (Cobham 50) 1994 - 1995
Mr David Shepherd (Chatham 49) 1993 - 1994
Sir Jack Hayward (Grafton 41) 1992 - 1993

Lord Quinton of Holywell (Temple 42)

1991 - 1992

OSS Constitution

The Old Stoic Society Constitution is a set of rules that enumerates the powers and functions of the Society. A copy of this document can be seen by clicking below.



The costs of promoting the Society's objectives are covered by life subscriptions and income from investments. Life subscriptions are paid in equal instalments in each of a Stoic's second to sixth terms at Stowe, ensuring that when they leave the School they become fully paid-up members of the Society. No further subscription is payable thereafter.

If you are an Old Stoic and would like to view the annual accounts, please email Anna Semler, OSS Director, to request a copy. 

Year ended 30 June 2023 audited accounts

Year ended 30 June 2022 audited accounts

Year ended 30 June 2021 audited accounts

Year ended 30 June 2020 audited accounts

Year ended 30 June 2019 audited accounts