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OS Global Representatives are happy to hear from other Old Stoics in their area, whether already resident there, moving there, visiting on business or just passing through.

The OS Office would be pleased to hear from any Old Stoics whose area is not yet represented and who might be interested in becoming an OS Representative.

A number of the countries listed below have a group set up in Stowe Connect, please feel free to post on the group to find friends in the country or ask a specific question.

Please click on the representative's name to send an email:

Country City Name

Ryde NSW

Sydney NSW

Mr Chris Chance (Chandos 74)

Mr David Thomas (Chatham 78)

Austria Vienna Mr Nino Gebhard (Temple 94)
Brazil Sao Paulo Mr Simon Parr (Bruce 67)

Ontario Eastern

Vancouver BC

Mr Nick Fincham (Cobham 86)

Mr Jonathan Williams (Bruce 80)

Cayman Islands   Mr Hector Paschalides (Chandos 14)
Chilie Santiago Mr Christian Hesketh (Chandos 89)

Mougins Cote


Salon de


Mr Armen Lucas (Grafton 65)

Mr Robin Dunipace (Temple 66)

Mr Jon Mills (Chandos 74)

Mr Jonathan Robin (Temple 65)

Germany Cologne Prince Max zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-
 (Temple 99)
India Goa Mr Simon Hayward (Grenville 78)
Japan Tokyo Miss Yimeng Li (Lyttelton 03)

Mrs Rowena Rudd (née Marshall,
Stanhope 80)

Mr Bruce Ryrie (Grafton 80)

Netherlands Amsterdam Mr Ray Hudig (Grenville 95)
New Zealand Auckland Mr Geoff Macleod-Smith (Walpole 72)
Portugal   Mr Mark Dawson (Walpole 89)
Qatar Doha Mr Jonathan Shillington (Temple 89)
Russia Moscow Mr Nicolas Ollivant (Walpole 67)
Singapore   Mr Marcel Ivison (Grenville 82)
South Africa Johannesburg Mr Ian Knight (Grenville 79)
Switzerland Montreux Mr John Samuelson (Chandos 92)
Thailand Bangkok Currently seeking new OS Rep
Turkey Ankara Mr Mustafa Gulek (Lyttelton 89)
UAE Dubai

Mr Jamie Bernard (Lyttelton 90)

Mr Will Skidmore (Walpole 98)

Zambia   Mr Mumbi Kaunda (Chatham 90)