Sixth Form Entry

2020 Entry

Applicants considering entry from September 2020 are invited to attend our Entry Examinations Day at Stowe on Wednesday 12 February 2020. Overseas candidates may be able to take examinations papers at their own school or British Council and must provide a current UKiset with their application.

Please complete and return the Post-Entry Enrolment and Registration Forms, online registration is also available here. The closing date for applications is Monday 27 January 2020. 

An outline of the subjects on offer at A level are available in our Sixth Form Courses Guide.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are required to pass our Entry Papers and achieve at least six 6s (or the grade B equivalent) at GCSE in the relevant A Level subjects. However, for Maths, Science and Languages a Grade 7 at GCSE is required. Overseas candidates not taking GCSEs/IGCSEs are required to achieve the equivalent standard. Higher points are required for some subjects.

Candidates sit entry examinations in 2 subjects selected from those they are considering studying for A Level. Candidates may choose from the following:
Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, French, German, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies, Spanish, Social Science (recommended for those considering Business Studies/Politics/Economics). 

All candidates will also have a general interview with a House Parent or Senior member of the teaching staff.