Sixth Form Entry (16+)

2019 Entry

In our Sixth Form Entry 2019 & Scholarship Brochure you can find information about the application process and our Scholarships

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2018 Entry

The Entry Day for Sixth Form Entry in 2018 has already taken place, however, if you are interested in a 2018 place, please contact the Admissions team for advice.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are required to pass our Entry Papers and achieve at least six 6s (or the grade B equivalent) at GCSE. The Sixth Form brochure describes each scholarship and our entry criteria for each award, please read these carefully if you are considering applying for a scholarship award as we will only proceed with the applications that meet the criteria.

Candidates sit entry examinations in 2 subjects selected from those they are considering studying for A Level.Candidates may choose from the following:
Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, French, German, Geography, History, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Religious Studies, Spanish, Social Science (recommended for those considering Business Studies/Politics/Economics). 

All candidates will also have a general interview with a Senior member of the teaching staff.

Overseas candidates may be able to take examination papers at their own school.
Candidates should provide a current UKiset with their application.