Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholars will take the lead in many of the intellectual and extra-curricular activities of the whole School – and it is here, and in the Houses, that they learn how to use and mix their special gifts with those of others. It is vital that the scholarship process should encourage and reward attitudes to learning that will above all set standards for others. We believe that scholarships should not reward talent alone but should also take into account an individual’s independent potential and ability to maintain an eager, open-minded attitude to learning. It is important that Scholars should consistently achieve high standards during each year. For all scholarship applications a full report from the candidate’s school will be requested.

Candidates may apply for more than one scholarship.

It should also be noted that all scholarships are tenable throughout the holder’s career at Stowe, subject only to the Head’s satisfaction with the holder’s industry, performance and behaviour. All scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee.

What is available

Find out about the range of Scholarships on offer for Third and Sixth Form.

Third Form

Third Form Scholarship Booklet
Scholarship Summary of Requirements  
Scholarship Entry Form
Scholarship Checklist

Please note applications for 2021 Third Form Scholarships are now closed.

Applications for Scholarships for 2022 will open in April 2021.  Please register your interest with Admissions and we will send the required information and forms to you when they are available. 

Third Form Scholarship Examination and Assessment Dates

13+ ISEB Common Academic Scholarship 22-24 February 2021
13+ Stephan Scholarship Examinations 13 January 2021
13+ Portfolio Assessment and Practical Test              3 February 2021
13+ Assessment Day 3 February 2021
13+ Portfolio Assessment and Practical Test 3 February 2021
13+ Assessment Test  25 January 2021
13+ Entry Examinations and Assessment Day  TBC
13+ Entry Examinations and Assessment Day         1-2 February 2021

Please note:

• Applications are invited for Sixth Form (16+) scholarship candidates for 2021 are now closed. Please contact the admissions department for further information. 

• The Admissions Department would be pleased to discuss any aspect of the Scholarship application process with parents. Please feel welcome to contact the Admissions Office.