All in a Day

Our Day Pupils play a full part in School life. They are involved in music, art, drama and sport and are fully integrated into the life of the School. Alongside our Boarders, our Day Pupils contribute fully to Stowe’s vibrant, friendly and inclusive community.

To show our commitment to our Day Pupils, we have two bespoke Day Houses which have been carefully designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of Day Pupils. We want all Day Pupils to have the best possible experience of Stowe, either as members of Day Houses or as Day Pupils in a Boarding House. Both options offer the highest level of pastoral care and access to the whole educational experience that Stowe has to offer.

Our Day Houses are located around the Day Court with easy drop off and pick up zones next to the Houses.

The Day Court is formed by Day Houses, Cheshire for girls and Winton for boys, and each House have a maximum of 75 pupils aged 13 to 18 years old. The Houses take pupils into the Third Form, Fourth Form and Lower Sixth.

Cheshire and Winton have designated spaces for each year group, with study spaces for every pupil and storage areas for books and sports equipment. The Houses have changing and shower facilities. Pupils join the rest of the School for meals in the State Dining Room, but they also have kitchen facilities, in House, for light snacks and refreshments.

The Houses have a central Common Room at their heart where pupils will gather for registration (Stance), notices and social time.

What's in a Day?

Cheshire and Winton pupils are involved in the full life of the School and have the same access to all the clubs, societies and activities as our Boarders. Cheshire and Winton compete in House Competitions and will have their own identity, in the same way that our Boarding Houses do. The Day Houses open at 7.30am and registration takes place at 8.00am. Registration is followed by Chapel or Assembly after which pupils go into their morning lessons. At break, the pupils return to their Houses to meet with their friends and collect their books for the next set of lessons before lunch. Lunch is served in the State Dining Room, where all pupils and staff have their meals, and is followed by afternoon lessons. Following lessons, pupils are involved in sport and activities. Pupils may then leave after activities or, if they wish, they may stay for supervised first prep (5.45pm – 6.40pm). Pupils may leave after first prep, or they may stay for supper if they would like to. The Houses may be accessed until 9.00pm.

Our Day Pupils attend School on Saturday until matches and activities finish between 3.00pm and 6.00pm. They are however welcome to join our Boarders for whole year events (such as discos), as and when they take place. For our Sixth Formers this includes participation in StoweBucks until 10.30pm, our social club which opens on a Saturday night, providing a welcome respite from the academic rigour of A Level study and the end of the working week. The staffing in our Day Houses is closely aligned to our Boarding Houses, with a Houseparent, Matron and a full House team. Medical support is provided by our twenty-four hour Medical Centre and the team of nurses and school doctors.