Boarding & Day Places

Stowe offers Full Boarding, with the option to Weekly Board on Open Weekends as well as Day places. The School does not offer Flexi-Boarding.

Our Boarding community is vibrant and our numbers are growing each year.


The vast majority of pupils at Stowe are Boarders and as Stowe still recruits nationally and 20% of the School reside abroad, this ensures that the School is a busy and vibrant environment at weekends. Pupils have lessons on Saturday morning and there are matches in the afternoon. An appropriate activity programme is in place for Sundays.

On Open Weekends pupils are able to leave after matches and return on Sunday night. There are three to four ‘Closed Weekends’ each term when pupils remain at School. These are generally the opening and closing weekends of the Term and special occasions such as Remembrance Sunday.

Our Day and Day in Boarding Pupils are a really important part of our community.

Day & Day in Boarding

There are two types of Day place at Stowe. Day places are available in one of the two Day Houses - Winton for boys and Cheshire for girls. There are also a limited number of Day places in the Boarding Houses. These places are commonly referred to as Day in Boarding places. They offer more flexibility in terms of drop off and pick up and pupils can take advantage of a supervised second prep. In addition, Day in Boarding pupils have the possibility of staying overnight occasionally when a very late finish or early start is required. However, it is not a form of flexi-boarding and the provision of a bed or mattress cannot be guaranteed.