Third Form Entry

Choosing the right school for your child is clearly a very important decision, with many factors to take into consideration: what the school is able to offer your child and will your child be happy at the school enabling them to reach their full potential - just two of many key issues. We have given a range of information here on our website and in our School literature which we hope will help you in your decision making process.

Admissions procedure at Stowe
We have recently reviewed our admissions process and will be updating the website in due course. As an immediate guide for those seeking entry in 2022 and beyond, please refer to the following guides.




Boarding Non-Prep School

Boarding Prep School

Day Non Prep School

Day Prep School


Boarding Non- Prep School

Boarding Prep School

Day Non-Prep School

Day Prep School


Boarding Non- Prep School

Boarding Prep School

Day Non-Prep School

Day Prep School

Pupils (both boys and girls) generally enter Stowe at aged 13 (into our Third Form - Year 9) or at 16 (into our Lower Sixth Form - Year 12). Sometimes places may become available in other year groups - the Admissions Office will be able to advise on their availability.

If you are interested in admission to the Sixth Form please click here.

A prospectus can be requested by contacting the Admissions Office directly or completing the Enquiry Form. You can also view our GCSE courses guide here.

Registration and Beyond

A guide to the Entry process is given below, but please do contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions.

Admission to Stowe is generally subject to five conditions:

1. A satisfactory report from the candidate’s present school.

2. An interview at Stowe.

3. A satisfactory performance in the ISEB Common Pre-Tests.

4. An average pass mark of 55% (with a minimum of 50% in the core subjects at Level 2) at Common Entrance. Please note, we do not accept Level 1 Common Entrance. If taking Stowe’s own Entry Papers a minimum pass mark of 50% in Maths, English and Science.

5. Full disclosure of any health or medical condition, educational need or any behavioural, emotional or social information that could be relevant to school life.

Stage 1

Complete and return the Registration Form (or you can register online), accompanied by the Registration Fee of £200, to the School. A photocopy of the form, with the official School stamp, will be sent as a formal acknowledgement of its receipt and as evidence of registration. Registration means that your child will be added to our School List and we will keep in contact with you regarding School developments and availability of places; registration does not guarantee admission to the School or to a particular House.

At this stage you might like to attend one of our Open Mornings or Taster Days.

Stage 2

Once your child is registered, we recommend that you contact us to make arrangements for a Private Visit (two to three years before Entry). Please bring your child with you for this visit as an interview is part of our Entry requirements.

You should also request a confidential reference from your child’s school.

The ISEB Common Pre-Tests:
Day pupils - October/November of Year 6
Boarding pupils - October/November of Year 7

Stage 3

At this point we will also seek a reference from your child's School. On receipt of a satisfactory reference and results in the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, and after your visit, a decision about whether to offer your child a place will be made. Successful applicants will be sent our Acceptance of Place Form.

Stage 4

On receipt of the completed Acceptance of Place Form and payment of the deposit of £1,200 (an Additional Deposit of £11,500 is required where a pupil’s normal residence is outside the UK), your child’s place at Stowe is reserved, subject to meeting the Entry requirements at Common Entrance or in our own papers.

At this stage, deposits will only be returned if the pupil does not qualify academically (i.e. fails to achieve the minimum entry examination grades) or parents are prevented from taking up the place by circumstances which, in the School’s judgement, are beyond their control.

Scholarships, up to a maximum of one quarter of the appropriate fees, are awarded through competitive entry held in the year prior to entry at 13+. Bursaries may further supplement scholarships and are awarded after financial assessment. 

Stage 5

Common Entrance, PSB, or Stowe's Entrance Tests

Further details of the scholarships and bursaries available are given here

Our team in the Admissions Office will be pleased to assist you in any way and at any stage in your considerations to find the right school for your child.

What next?

Stowe Visit

A visit to us is essential. Literature, our website and hearsay provide only a superficial impression and there is no alternative to coming to see Stowe for yourself, to sample the atmosphere and, most of all, to meet the people. You are therefore warmly invited to Stowe, either:

• for a Private Visit, which will include an individual School tour, with a current pupil as your guide; an interview with the Registrar and/or the Head; a House tour and a meeting with a Houseparent.


• if you initially prefer a more informal group introduction, please book for one of our Open Mornings – the forthcoming dates are announced on our website. These events are popular, so please do book well in advance.

A copy of our Admissions Policy is available on request from the Admissions Office.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office by email at or call on 01280 818205.