Delve into the stories you choose...

For a limited time only,  we, in partnership with Antenna International are putting our Multi-media guide online for free so that you can explore the splendour of Stowe House from the comfort of your own home!

Just scan the barcode with your phone to gain access to our multi media guide.  

We hope you enjoy and will come and visit us when we are able to reopen! 


A Tale of Stowe

A Tale of Stowe is a short tour which delves into one aspect of Stowe's history. Our Tour Guide will briefly explore the history of Stowe and tell you one of the intriguing stories from Stowe's history. The two themes we currenty explore include the tale of Queen Victoria's visit in 1845 and the tale of the restoration of Stowe House.

Tour duration: 15 minutes

Tour departs: on the hour

The Full Story

The Full Story is a delightful comprehensive history of Stowe. The tour explores four key periods in Stowe's past through the stories of the people who have lived at Stowe. Your tour guide will delve into the fascinating history of the estate, exploring the creation of Stowe under Viscount Cobham, the extravagance and spending of the Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos, the rebirth of Stowe as a School and the restoration of Stowe today.
Tour duration: 45 minutes
Tour departs: on the half hour