Mobility impairments


There is step-free access when arriving via the National Trust Garden or via the private Stowe School entrance to the House.

A platform lift is available to the State rooms in the House.

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Essential carers

Essential carers enter free of charge when accompanying a visitor with accessibility requirements

Accessible toilets

We have two accessible toilets on the ground floor of the House.

The accessible toilet within the House Welcome Centre is a left transfer.

The accessible toilet in the centre of the House (on what we call Plug Street) is a right transfer.

Visual impairments

Our Tour Guides are very happy to tailor their tour to your requirements.

Although we do not currently have a tactile tour our team are happy to indicate objects which are safe to touch.


Our platform lifts

We have two platform lifts:

Lift one operates between the South Front outside ground level and the internal ground floor level in the Welcome Centre.

The dimensions of the lift are: 137cm x 80cm (54" x 31")
The maximum weight capacity is: 44 stone (280kg/616lbs)   

Lift two operates inside the house between the ground floor and the first floor of the House.

The dimensions of the lift are: 
The maximum weight capacity is: 62 stone (400kg/881lbs)

Hearing impairments

We have an audio loop at the House welcome desk and a screen displaying information about admission prices and tour times.

If you choose to join a tour of the House our tour guides wear a microphone and we issue visitors with transmitters and headphones to allow you to comfortably enjoy the tour at the volume you prefer. Each individual can control the volume of their headphones. We also have two audio loop headsets for this system. These can be used with hearing aids with loop function.

During the school holidays you may choose to explore the House at your own pace. If this is the case you can opt to use our roaming loop system. We issue you with a handheld directional microphone, which you can point at the volunteers you encounter on your visit. You can choose to either wear the headphones we provide or use your hearing aid loop function. This gives you more freedom to explore as you wish. There are four headsets with this system and so is perfect for exploring in small groups. Please ask for more information on arrival.

Our Talking Portraits are interactive and are located in the Discovery Centre. All three portraits have subtitles. To turn the subtitles on you place the palm of your hand over the word 'subtitles' on the interactive table.

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are welcome in the House.

We have one self-propelled wheelchair and one mobility scooter available for use by visitors. Please note the mobility scooter is available during school holidays only. Please contact us in advance of your visit to book.

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Telephone: 01280 818006

Booking a group visit?

Are there visitors in your group who have accessibility requirements?

Contact our group booking co-ordinator to discuss your requirements.

Email us

Telephone: 01280 818006


We have two evacuation chairs on the first floor of the visitor route so that if the worst were to happen we can safely evacuate visitors with mobility impairments. 

‚ÄčOur team are trained to operate the equipment and are regularly briefed on evacuation procedures.