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Welcome to the virtual tour of Stowe House

We encourage you to explore this magnificent mansion, one of the finest pieces 18th-century neo-classical architecture.

Stowe house was built in the 1700s by the Temple-Grenville’s – an extraordinary family who came to Stowe as sheep farmers and rose to become one of the wealthiest & most powerful families in the country. Eventually they would become the Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos.

The family spent vast sums of money shaping Stowe into the most famous showplace in England and entertaining on a Grand scale; but eventually they fell from power and squandered what was left of that fortune through greed, arrogance and scandalous behaviour! The wonderful treasures that once filled Stowe are gone, sold off across the world to pay the debts. 

Thankfully Stowe House was saved from demolition by the creation of Stowe School in 1923 and is now in the care of the Stowe House Preservation Trust – an independent charity that raises the funds to fully restore the State Rooms and open them to the public.

The Virtual tour contains information about the history of the house and it’s owners, as well as, information about the more recent and vast restoration work it has undergone.

Virtual Tour Information:

Many thanks to all our restoration partners and funders who have enabled and continue to enable us to restore and preserve Stowe House for future generations.

The virtual tour was made possible by The Cultural recovery Fund #hereforculture