The David Wynne Collection

David Wynne

Born in 1926, David Wynne attended Stowe School  March 1939 - January 1943, where he furthered a love of Nature instilled in him from an early age. David’s youthful vision of the world, surrounded by great architecture and even finer landscape, created his personal philosophy of being in touch with the essential and eternal questions of time, space, nature and even the essence of God. After wartime service in the Royal Navy, David returned to study at Trinity College, Cambridge, where his love of sculpture was encouraged and where he realised that in sculpture his own talents, interests, indeed, his own being, lay.

In a long and distinguished career, his art has ranged from the figurative to the almost abstract, from portrait heads of important cultural figures to small scale animals, from gates to fountains and from carvings in stone to casts in bronze. The scale and variety of his work over the past sixty years still astounds his many admirers.

The bronze maquettes given by David to Stowe, reflect the varied range of his work and are exhibited throughout the School. They serve both to educate and to enhance the lives of the pupils and our visitors, we hope that you enjoy them.

Below, you can see a few highlights from the magnificent collection of maquettes on display at Stowe House.

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