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The Stowe School Foundation, Registered Charity No, 1071363 and The Stowe House Preservation Trust, Registered Charity No. 1066272, will be pleased to accept gifts of whatever size from around the world.


Stowe House Preservation Trust

Please support the vital work of the Stowe House Preservation Trust, restoring one of England's historic treasures for the benefit of generations to come.

Facilities Fund

Our current priority is for the new Design, Technology and Engineering Centre, which is where your donation will be directed unless you would like your donation directed elsewhere within this Fund.

Scholarships & Bursaries Fund

Please help ensure that Stowe is able to welcome talented and extraordinary pupils, regardless of their financial means, with the chance of a life changing bursary or scholarship.

Information about your donation

You can either make a one-off gift or make contributions over time. In both cases, if you are a UK tax-payer, Stowe can reclaim £2.50 for every £10 that you give, through the Gift Aid scheme. In addition, if you are a higher-rate tax payer, you can reclaim £2.50 on every £10 you donate, simply by entering the details on your tax return. So, for example:

Single Gift

Gift Net Cost to Donor Value to Stowe
£250 £187 £312
£1000 £750 £1,250
£10,000 £7,500 £12,500

Multiple Gifts

Gift Frequency & Duration Net Cost to you Value to Stowe
£10 per month for 3 years £7.50 p.m. / £270 over 3 yrs £12.50 p.m. / £450 over 3 yrs
£20 per month for 7 years £15.00 p.m. / £1,260 over 7 yrs £25.00 p.m. / £2,100 over 7 yrs

Companies may be able to claim corporation tax relief in their tax returns on donations made to charities.

It is possible for donors, both individual and corporate, to gain significant additional tax benefits through donating shares to Stowe. Not only is the Capital Gains Tax on the increase in value of shares avoided, but also the donor may be able to offset their income tax liability by the size of the gift. Please do speak to your Financial Planner for more detailed advice.

We are particularly keen to recognise the generosity of our donors publicly, so far as they would wish us to do so - we will, of course, comply with any requests for anonymity. The biennial Governors' Report will provide an opportunity to thank all our donors, and highlight the progress that the Campaign has made during that period. We will also recognise the contribution of donors to specific projects when those goals are realised. In thinking of making a gift, you may be prepared to consider one of the following particular levels:

Those donors who are able to make a gift of £5,000 (whether as a one-off donation, or over time) we will be delighted to welcome as 'Patrons' of the Campaign for a period of five years from the date of the gift, or first instalment.

We will be delighted to recognise, for their lifetime, those who are able to make a gift of £25,000 (whether as a one-off donation, or over time) as 'Fellow' of the Campaign for Stowe.

At upper levels of giving, there are also opportunities for rooms, other aspects of the School's fabric, and even Scholarships and Bursaries to be 'named' in accordance with the wishes of donors, in perpetuity. As with all aspects of giving to Stowe, the Development Director would be delighted to discuss naming possibilities with you.

For further information and assistance, please do contact the Development Office.