Creating Life-Changing Opportunities

Stowe is committed to fostering a community of pupils that is both exceptionally talented and diverse, reflecting the highest standards in academic, musical, artistic and sporting achievement. To honour this commitment, we must provide enticing opportunities for the most qualified pupils to apply to Stowe, many of whom may otherwise be unable to pay the fees. Our aim is that these children not only benefit greatly themselves, but that they also create invaluable diversity within the student body and set a powerful example of endeavour for others to follow. We are often reminded that some of the greatest examples of accomplishment and progress – in academic, artistic, sporting and musical terms – come from those who, without financial support, would not otherwise be able to come to the School.

An important distinction exists between Scholarships and Bursaries. In making a donation to the fund, you may like to choose which form of award you would like to support: Scholarships are awarded in cases of particular academic, sporting, artistic, or all-round merit. In offering them, the School is able to attract pupils of a particularly high calibre. Bursaries are awarded in cases of financial need. They are typically awarded on top of Scholarships, to those where the cost of fees represents a particularly acute problem. They are vital in enabling the School to attract a genuinely diverse as well as talented body of Stoics, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Fulfilling the promise of Stowe's Scholarships and Bursaries programme will require significant commitment on behalf of donors. Stowe is a relatively young School, and its endowment fund (valued at c. £6 million) currently provides only a modest proportion of the funding that we would like to make available to Stoics and their families. The rest must be found from fee income.

Our most immediate goal is to raise the value of this fund to £7 million by 2016. Donations of all sizes are encouraged to fund our growing Scholarship and Bursaries programme, and significant donations will provide for fully funded named Scholarships or Bursaries in a variety of subjects and skills. The Development Office and the Headmaster would be delighted to discuss how this might be accomplished.

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