Legacy Giving

A good way to make a gift

In these uncertain financial times, during which the word austerity is writ large, legacy-giving is becoming an ever more crucial element in supporting one’s alma-mater. Leaving a legacy can attract considerable tax advantages, and not just those in relation to Inheritance Tax (IHT).

The Stowe School Foundation (which supports the provision of scholarships and bursaries, along with the continual need to update the School’s facilities) and The Stowe House Preservation Trust (which supports the ongoing maintenance and restoration of the House) are the two registered charities that our legacy donors support. Leaving a charitable bequest can therefore be of benefit to both parties, whilst securing the future of the School and/or House.

My parents, throughout my ten years in boarding education, lived in the Far East and as a result Stowe played the most significant part in my upbringing. I was therefore delighted in January 2012, to accept the considerable honour of becoming the President of the Roxburgh Society. The Society is exclusive to those of us who have chosen to support the School through legacy giving. I very much hope that if you, like me, hold fond memories of our great School then you will consider making a similar gift, no matter how large or small, to help continue Roxburgh’s legacy for generations to come.

I would therefore ask anyone who would like to know more, to email the Roxburgh Society Manager, Hannah Al-Anazi, at Stowe who will be able to send you further information or alternatively put you in touch with me. I am always delighted to make contact with potential donors.

Thank you.

Nigel Rice (Chatham 64)
President of the Roxburgh Society

Codicil Form

A pre-formatted, generic codicil form for those wishing to make a bequest to either the Stowe School Foundation or the Stowe House Preservation Trust.

Roxburgh Society Membership Form

All those who have pledged a legacy bequest to Stowe are welcomed into the Roxburgh Society. To signal your bequest and join the Society, please complete the membership form