Rules & Policies

Stowe's School policies aim to provide staff, pupils, parents and guardians with clear information about the organisation and ethos of Stowe and the standards of behaviour expected by all members of its community. These policies enable us to work together to do the best by those in our care, and they can be viewed below.

When you come to Stowe you are joining a community of 920 pupils. In order for the community to function effectively and happily, certain rules are required. They can be broadly summarised under two headings: respect for others and respect for property.

Anti-social, unpleasant and selfish behaviour are, of course, unacceptable in all societies, as they are at Stowe: those who cannot understand the destructiveness of bullying, stealing, or drug abuse clearly cannot remain here. With other rules Stowe seeks not to ape the standards of society, but rather to set a moral lead, and to respond to the particular requirements that any individual community always has.

In joining the Stowe community acceptance of these standards is assumed, and compliance with them is expected.

Our policies are available on the School's Parent Portal, and we hope that in conjunction with other, more detailed and specific information that will be sent out from time to time, they will provide a useful reference for you whilst your child is in the School. 

Additional Needs Policy
Admissions Policy
Alcohol Policy
Allergy & Intolerance Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Asthma Policy
Behaviour Policy
Biometric Information Notice
Care of Unwell Boarders Policy
Careers (Futures at Stowe)
Child on Child Abuse Policy
Children Missing Education
Code of Conduct
Complaints Procedure
Curriculum Policy
Data Protection Policy (Staff)  
Diabetes Policy                                                             
Diarrhoea and Vomiting Policy
Digital Safety Policy
Discipline - Behaviour and Discipline
Drug Policy   
Educational Guardianship Policy    
Fire Procedures & Policy
First Aid Policy
Fundraising Privacy Policy
GDPR Information Security Policy   
Health & Safety Policy
Health Centre Operating Policy
Medications Policy                                                      
Missing Pupil Policy
Off Site Visit Policy
Parents Handbook 2023-24
Prevent Policy
Privacy Notice for Old Stoics, Former Staff and Former Parents
Privacy Notice for Parents - Short Version
Privacy Notice for Parents - Long Version
Privacy Notice for Pupils - Short Version
Privacy Notice for Pupils - Long Version
Pupil Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy
Pupil Rewards Policy
Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
Relationships & Sex Education Policy
Restraint Policy - Calming a Violent Pupil
Rewards Policy
Risk Assessment Policy 
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
Search Policy
Seizure Policy
Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy
Sharing Medical Information
Smoking & Nicotine Policy
Social Media Policy
Supervision Policy
Supplements Policy
Staff Privacy Notice
Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice
Terms and Conditions (to September 2024)
Terms and Conditions (from September 2024)
Visiting Speaker Policy
Whistleblowing Policy