Term dates

  Summer Term 2016
Term Starts:  Monday 18 April (8.00pm) 
Exeat:  Friday 6 May (12.30pm) to Sunday 8 May (8.00pm)
Half Term: Saturday 28 May (3.00pm) to Sunday 5 June (8.00pm) 
Term Ends: Saturday 2 July (10.30am) 
Lower Sixth, Fourth and Third Forms are required to attend Final Assembly which will finish at 10.30am. 
Upper Sixth and Fifth Form pupils are not required to attend Final Assembly.
  Michaelmas Term 2016
Term Starts: Third Form: Tuesday 6 September (4.00pm)
Lower Sixth Form: Wednesday 7 September (1.30pm)
Rest of the School: Wednesday 7 September (8.00pm)
1st Exeat: Friday 30 September (12.30pm) to Monday 3 October (8.00pm)
Half Term: Saturday 22 October (12.10pm) to Sunday 6 November (8.00pm)
2nd Exeat: Friday 25 November (12.30pm) to Sunday 27 November (8.00pm)
Term Ends: Saturday 17 December (10.00am)
Pupils are required to attend Carol Services and registration in House on Friday 16 December.
Bruce, Temple, Grenville, Chandos, Queen's and Stanhope may leave from 2.15pm onwards.
Cobham, Chatham, Grafton, Walpole, Lyttelton, Nugent and West may leave from 4.15pm onwards.

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