Restoration Intern Open Doors

9 August 2015

Luckily, Stowe is big enough to entertain a record-breaking 3500 guests! On Sunday 9th August 2015 the ducal palace opened its doors for free, a chance to showcase with pride the splendour which visitors have paid to see ever since the eighteenth century.

The blue sky only deepened and the sun shone brighter as the swarming public heralded the coming of Stowe House’s new exhibition gallery.

In the previously unseen, oval, vaulted cellar underneath the Marble Saloon Stowe’s Discovery Centre holds the secrets of Stowe’s survival.

There are items from the House’s original collection of artwork and furniture, memorabilia from Old Stoics, and rather large physical reminders of Stowe’s restorative journey.

Our crowning glory is the addition of three beautifully articulate Harry-Potter-esque talking portraits of Viscount Cobham, the 1st Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, Lady Anna Eliza Brydges and of J F Roxburgh himself.