Blue Drawing Room Restored

7 September 2015


During 2015 we had the chance to restore the Blue Drawing Room. This room has had many uses over its long history; however, after much research and discussion we decided to restore the room to how it would have looked in the Victorian period. After extensive paint scrape analysis, a technique used to see each intricate layer of paint, we were able to piece together the colour scheme of the room. This, twinned with historic photographs of the room which had been taken before the great sale in the 1920s, meant we were able to commission blue silk damask with the same beautiful floral design that the 3rd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos would have enjoyed when he used this room for relaxing and entertaining. In its heyday the room also enjoyed the luxury of extensive amounts of precious gold leaf. We were able to recreate the look of the room by reinstating this precious material.

Come along and see this beautiful room for yourself on one of our tours!