Stowe House Preservation Trust – Young Writers Competition

“The Banquet”

The State Dining Room at Stowe House has held many sumptuous dinners over the last 300 years. The 2nd Duke even had it lavishly redecorated at great expense for Queen Victoria’s visit in 1845. The Dining Room is still used for dinners today by Stowe School pupils, for fancy wedding breakfasts and by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's who visited in 2007. It is currently undergoing restoration work to repair and restore it to its former beauty.

In this writing competition we’re inviting you to write a 500-750 word story about an imaginary banquet (a fancy, formal meal for many people) held in the State Dining Room here at Stowe House. The choice of genre is up to you; we welcome stories from fantasy to comedy to horror! We have included an inspiration page with pictures and facts of the room to get you started.

We have two categories:

Age 7-11:  up to 500 words in length. 

Age 12-16:  up to 750 words in length

Deadline: 19th April 2021

Terms and conditions:

• Originality

• Plot

• Characterisation

• Language

• Enjoyment

                        • 2 x First Prize winners will win a £15 book voucher.